Entries from May 2005

Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Bali: Nicely Balanced

as published in Yoga International, March/April 2005

The journey was inspired by a life flood—a financial, emotional, and circumstantial torrent that destroyed everything stable in my world. My engagement was broken, the house I was renting sold and I had to move. Work dried up. I was irritable, reclusive, sad. Even my yoga practice, for seven years a daily antidote for existential malaise, had no effect. And it was my fault. I was the one who got the shakes anytime someone asked, “When are you two going to tie the knot?” I postponed the date then unconsciously pushed my fiance further and further away until she left, and I failed to save even a penny for the move I’d seen coming for months. But at the time it didn’t feel like my fault. In fact, it didn’t feel at all. There were moments when all this rubble seemed to belong to someone else. I was completely checked out.

Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Working Assets

Working Assets is a long-time favorite of NICE staff. Founded in 1985, the company promotes social activism by capitalizing on people’s everyday spending habits. Offering long distance, wireless and phone card services – all industries well known for high payout rates to successful marketers – Working Assets puts much of its profits every year toward philanthropic causes. To-date, they have given away more than $45 million. Now them there assets are certainly hard at work.