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Need Help in Texas

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Campaign Start: May 2, 2007
Campaign End: January 1, 2008
Campaign Goal: $1,500

From Mrs. Natalie Garner, Valley View, TX –

My husband has found out that he has a cureable disease. I am paying for our health insurance out of my paycheck at the rate of $350.00 every two weeks. The medicine he takes is a weekly injection that makes him very ill for days at a time, but God bless him, he goes to work anyway. We have an eight year old son that we are trying to raise on a so so income. Last month both of our vehicles broke down, costing over $1,200.00 in repairs. Neither one of them are newer than 1992. I work full time at a local hospital as a cna, and it is a good job. That is, providing there are enough patients in the place for them to need me to come to work. I can’t change jobs because I would have to drive to another town other than the one we both work in and right now we are using a company “loaner” truck to get back and forth. I know that many others in this life are worse off than we are. I am thankful to have a place to live, even though we are behind on the rent, food to eat, and one bra to wear. Some don’t have that. But, I am still appealing to the kindness of those may read this letter who would consider helping someone who is trying to help themselves. God Bless you all, and God bless the person who created this magazine that I stumbled onto. Thank you.

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