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My Karma Named Earl

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With the 05-06 television sitcom season a wrap, I must say that one of the best new shows for the year is NBC’s My Name is Earl starring actor / producer Jason Lee.

The basis of the show is about how a petty criminal and half-wit, Earl, works to redeem his life of bad deeds by doing good ones. Each episode follows the exploits of Earl and his colorfully interesting cast of kooks and characters as they try to find karma by doing good.

After a life-changing brush with death, Earl has a morphine-induced epiphany while watching Carson Daly on a television program explain about his personal karma – that he has gotten as far as he did in life by being good to others. Earl knows immediately that the rest of his life should be dedicated to finding his own karma.

This sets Earl off on his journey to fill up his karma pool, one redeeming act at a time. He has a list of every bad thing he has done – like the time he burned down a local hot dog stand for a couple hundred bucks – and for which he strives to right. I have not seen every episode this season, but those that I have were gems. Earl is oddly the nicest thing of this past network sitcom season. It’s really cool that a primetime network show exists that is essentially all about a guy trying to do good things, albeit in a very off-beat way. Can’t wait for season two.

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NBC’s official My Name is Earl website allows you to take a karma quiz and study a very Earlesque karma guide.

The Hollywood Reporter
Early review of the show notes that Fox passed on this show and HBO should be envious of NBC’s good fortune.

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