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Kids find bags for kids

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This story from the Honolulu Advertiser (HI) reaches deep into the “damn, kids are way smarter than me” files.

Tyler Cordoni, 10 and Drake Boyer, 11, independently came up with the idea to find donated suitcases for the thousands of kids in the Hawai’i foster care system. Tyler noticed one day while visiting his mother Allyson at the hospital at which she worked that many of the foster kids in the waiting room were all holding black trash bags with what appeared to contain their worldly possessions. He later found out that most foster children have nothing more than garbage bags to tote around their belongings as they move between homes. Tyler knew this had to stop.

Meanwhile, Drake was also discovering this fact and making plans to end it.

The two now collect donated suitcases in their Suitcases for Kids campaign. Their goal is to collect 2,500 suitcases, enough for one to go to every child currently in the foster care system.

If you want to help Tyler and Drake, contact Kapi’olani CARE Program at (808) 522-4755.

Visit Suitcases for Kids if you want to support the larger national and international campaign.

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