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Cross-Cultural Solutions

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This New Rochelle, NY, nonprofit can be characterized as Peace Corps light. This is not to demean or steal the fire from this 11-year old organization in any way.

Cross-Cultural Solutions provides adults and students with 2 to 12 week experiences in places around the globe doing very worthwhile work. You pay your own way (whereas the Peace Corps pays you), but you have more control over where and when you go. College students may even be able to earn college credits with their work.

If you’re looking for something even lighter on your time than the 2 to 12 week options, you can enroll in the Insight Abroad program, which is a one-week dabbling in one of the CCS projects in Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru or Russia. It’s almost like a do-gooder vacation option that has become so popular lately.

CCS fills a very important niche serving those of us who want to be more hands on with our philanthropy but simply don’t have the time (or the guts) to drop everything and dedicate our entire lives to an international cause. While it is great to dream big, sometimes you just have to take the kind of baby-steps that CCS offers on your way to fulfilling your good intentions.

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