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Pump ‘em Up

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Pump ‘em Up, founded in 2001 by nine-year old Savannah Walters, is a perfect example of how a small, simple yet powerful idea can have very a large impact.

Always concerned about environmental issues, Walters learned from a friend that many millions of gallons of gasoline is wasted each day due to underinflated tires. Gasoline, of course, is derived from crude oil and is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, both of which are environmental no-nos. Moreso, the case for drilling in the Arctic National Refuge is the many million gallons of gasoline that could be produced from its oil reserves.

Walters put two and two together right away and new that if Americans would pump up their tires to appropriate levels, perhaps enough gasoline would be saved to make the Arctic oil reserve issue go away.

She learned, in fact, that almost 4 million gallons of gasoline is wasted each day in America due to underinlfated tires. By keeping our tires pumped up, we’d save money and save the environment too.

So, Walters and her friends began giving out tire gauges around her DC neighborhood and educating adult drivers about the benefits of pumping ‘em up.

Since 2001, Walters has been on TV, received letters from Fortune 5oo CEOs and travelled across the land delivering her message. Give it up for Savannah and her tire crusade. A true go getter getting it done.

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