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Moveable drive-in theatre

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The world of the tech savvy geek-o-rama continues to astound me in its capacity to introduce and maintain outstanding services and products for free.

MobMov is the latest greatest service fitting the gratis mold. If you live in Berkeley, CA, you need to sign-up with MobMov and begin receiving notices regarding “guerilla drive-in” movie venues that pop up periodically around the city.

The concept is simple: MobMov (contraction of Mobile Movie) sends out notices to its members with the time and place along with the appropriate FM radio station to use in order to pick-up the drive-in style movie audio. MobMov is outfitted with a completely portable movie projector and audio system that can be set-up virtually anywhere. Members gather, sometimes in a vacant lot, and watch movies on the side of an abandoned building.

As stated above, everything is free. These guys do this just for the thrill and challenge of staging a roaming drive-in theatre experience. It’s geeky cool. The effort to get this done is tremendous, and the fact that no obtrusive moneymaking apparatus is fueling any of it is quite refreshing.

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