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We found this cool site via a trusty and entirely friendly source down in Charlotte, NC.

HappyNews.com is a news aggregator that is focused on, you guessed it, positive news. The site also enlists an army of Citizen Reporters around the country who submit good stories about good things going on in their hometowns. This is a great and professionally run site that deserves a look see.

According to their website, HappyNews was the brainchild of publisher Byron Reese, an online content pro who began to question the lack of positive stories in the media. Reese thought that a site focused on the good stuff in life would be just as successful as a traditional news site. So far so good. After only a few months online, HappyNews has gained enough of an audience to begin running their own advertisements.

Indeed, we are thrilled that HappyNews is out there also working on the mission to put some good, positive and nice content online. We are also encouraged by their growth. The more sites out there like ours the better. And the more successful we all are the more we can say with confidence that good news is here to stay.

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