Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Chris Nichols is one of the most dedicated people in the city of Los Angeles.

He works tirelessly as a volunteer for the Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee to help keep them from tearing the historic Mid Century Modern landmarks down.

"Who cares? They're just buildings..." you might say. "There are homeless people and other issues that need more help."

A city that tears it's landmarks down is one that embraces a disposable attitude towards things and people.

What Chris has done for the city has so much more intrinsic value. The historic architecture of a city is more than "buildings." They symbolize our culture's attitude toward art and high ideals. They symbolize all that is good with mankind: his creative spirit. They symbolize the heart and soul of a city: it's attitude towards permanence, durability and basic caring. A city cannot survive without culture, creativity and caring.

And Chris Nichols has been one bright shining spirit upholding, supporting and saving that high art, that creative spirit, and that soul.

He proves that there still are angels in "La Ciudad de Los Angeles."

Nice Girl -- Los Angeles, CA

Hi, This is Chris. Wow. Thank you. I just stumbled upon this today. So nice. Come help me save buildings.
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